How 2019 started with the desire to write a book and document my story, I tried doing it to the best of my ability and then engaging an editor thereafter, the process seemed chaotic, confusing and beyond my control, but I kept at it....

I knew something inside me was shifting, but couldn’t lay my hand on exactly what it was. Looking back now at the last day in 2019, I sure can tell that a massive shift happened.

Not only did I become an author of my first ever published book, FitFam Made Easy, I went on to host my first fitness event  Fit Fire Fiesta, then I knew that I was indeed breaking every limitation I’ve boxed myself into as a child.


The Launch @ A Park In Alausa IKEJA. April 2019

This timid girl, now someone daring to face her fears. I was extremely scared but I pushed through it all. Believing God every step of the way. HE sent me help in every area.

We had amazing Partners & Sponsors, Volunteers, Vendors and it was such a blast! Even though my perfectionist tendencies felt, I could have done better, but in all things, I was extremely glad, I took that leap of faith and did it!

Just reminiscing on that event alone, caused a stirring for more! The testimonies that led to partnerships, to supernatural coincidences and lifelong alliances that have been formed, I just knew God was up to something.


I’ll share one, they’re so much, I’d not want to bore you with details, knowing you took precious time to read my new blog. I say Thank you . So I met BIMBO in one of my dance class at the gym, so when I got the impression to do a dance activity, I thought I’d use his protégée/staff, because he’s the one that takes our dance session, as BIMBO comes once a while to oversee, but I didn’t feel comfortable with the staff(nothing wrong with him ooo, my spirit wasn’t settled using him)

One Sunday afternoon, BIMBO chats me up on WhatsApp, asking why I’ve missed the dance class for many weeks, (we write down our names after every dance session-DANCERAPY FOLLOW UP ) I just told him I’ve been busy planning my event, then I briefly told him about it, then the weirdest thing happened....


He told me, he’d call back immediately and that’s how he gisted me how God impressed on his heart to do something similar and that anything I needed, that they’d contribute.....Hey guys!!! I was flabbergasted that was a major sign that God was in this project no doubt!


So that’s just a tip, I’ll be sharing more as we go along. It’s my hope that these reflections reveal that you can trust God no matter what! Just have faith and you’ll literally WALK ON WATER  

Let me know what more you’d like me to chat about! I hope to write a lot on everything that pertains to life as a mum to 4 boys, entrepreneur and balancing everything in between on Mondays and Wednesdays. SO HELP ME GOD 🤚🏼 Please pray for this your girl oooo...


Please hold me accountable, because I know I’m not doing for myself but to bless someone, there’s a lot on my table, but thank God for technology, we have tools to make it work 🏼

Kindly drop a comment on what part of the story, really stuck... 

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We're aiming for 5 times more in the second edition on April 25th, 2020.
Being Interviewed By The Beautiful Winfrey Okolo For "Today On STV"
Book Signing "FitFam Made Easy"
Squat competition....

"Health is not the absence of disease, but the vibrancy and energy you bring to your life and world"

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2 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS

  1. I can’t wait for your posts and yes I’ll hold you accountable. Thank you for being a blessing always

    Ok, the part that struck me most is learning to trust God especially when it seems like there’s no hope. I’ve had a number of occasions where I’ve realized that God actually wants us to act on our faith and step out and things will miraculously fall into place. God is mindful of us, even the tiniest bits ❤️❤️❤️

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