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So great to have you check in today, as usual, I've got a deep heart to heart musing, I want to share with you, I briefly talked about it on my page here The FlexiMum Coach Instagram handle, but I thought to expound a little more on my personal blog, it might even be a series, who knows?

It seems like everything I see as I read the bible, points to healthy living and how that God really wants to bring us to how HE created the first man to be. Don't blame me, it's the mandate and the vision, that caused this... I'm sure I'm not the only with this "burden'?

Okay, I digressed, let's get back to the gist, now take a moment to imagine how Eden was, and how man was given dominion over the fish in the sea, birds in the air and over the wild beasts... JUST PAUSE AND IMAGINE....

Can you believe how much was in our control? the abundance of resources we controlled, the authority we wielded, until the temptation snatched it all away from us. This got me thinking that God's plan to redeem man included to re-instate us back to how everything was in the garden.

The best place to find God, is in a garden...

George Bernard Shaw

Redemption plan had to include us being one with God again, with HIM coming to us in the cool of the day, fellowshipping, chatting and feasting... oh yea! feasting!!! Please what edibles are found in the garden again? Processed foods? Junk? Errr... I didn't think so too...

Garden, organic whole foods were and are what was intended for man. Fresh from the garden to our tables... who's longing to go back to how it was all meant to be? I'm personally on a mission to help as many people to see the simplicity in this journey.

Contrary to what popular media has sold to us about living healthy, ours has been the case of when the purpose of a thing isn't known, abuse is inevitable, but this is about to change, because when you know why then it's easier be convinced and live a sustainable lifestyle.

In my next blog, I'll be sharing how simple, this can be, the benefits and how not to fall for a trend or weight loss scam. These truths have helped me, coach women, to look within and create a plan that defies scammy trends. Stick with me and don't forget to subscribe, so you don't miss any gist.

I'll leave you with a teaser. I know we might not all have gardens in our homes for now (knowing that our dream homes definitely will, CAN I GET AN AMEN???), but there surely is a way you can connect with THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU! and that's by simply having a conversation with HIM, either in a quiet place or not, HE hears you and is interested in every part of your life. HOW DO YOU CONNECT WITH PAPA?

Nature, is the art of God, it has music to those who listen...

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