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Hi Buddy!

I hope you don’t feel some “type of” way hearing the word buddy, it makes me feel like you’re close to me hearing my gist. I never knew how much I missed writing until I actually resumed, it’s so therapeutic…gosh!!! Everyone should write!

I’m never going to stop penning down my thoughts, you shouldn’t too. please do get a journal and release those dreams, pains, wins into that book. You never know, you could be writing a blockbuster that’ll change lives. It doesn’t have to be a blog if you’re not ready but just get to journaling.

Today’s gist is a build up from my last post about going BACK TO EDEN , this story is so rich, we literally could make a series movie out of it. Can we just check out how long these guys lived for? I mean, they were living the life, before it was shortened to 120 years!

 for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.”

Genesis 6:3 ESV

Check out how old Adam was before he had Seth, 130 years old… like, it felt like life started for him at that age, then he lived for 800 whooping years and died at 930 years….Are you kidding me? Adam lived for 9 CENTURIES!!! The closest to this was Methuselah with 969years on earth and then Jared with 962 years.

Guys! doesn’t this tell you something? there was something these guys did in bible days that got them very strong and with a long life span. Yes! they literally walked with God, made in HIS IMAGE and likeness, so are we too right? (Isn’t that why Jesus came back to restore us back to ABBA?) These men were super active and eating healthy, ask me how?

Obviously, after living in the garden, and hearing your ancestors tell of how they till the ground, plant crops and cater to the birds and other animals, what else would be consumed if not organic vegetables, all those fresh farm-to-table treats…Oh! the thought of this makes me want to live in a garden. THIS IS THE LIFE!!!

However, I’m in awe of the people who hiss at the veggie-life, fruits and the healthy lifestyle, this was the intent of the Father when HE made man, to tend the garden and eat of the abundance thereof, so if you’re not doing this, then you’re not respecting the body God gave you! HE gave us freely EVERYTHING to enjoy and live a great long age-defying life!

Consequently, technology has armed us with great goodies and took this part from us—GOOD FOOD! We now define good food as fast food, which kills slowly and to cap it up, the sedentary life..wheew!!! How did we get here? This breaks my heart so much that we’ve allowed bad food to become the norm.

However, this is changing with the Holistic Fitness Style I’ll be sharing more about this here and in my company website launching soon, we need people to go back to how it used to be. How God intended it to be… This, in conclusion, is my life purpose, communicating these thoughts in a simple manner.

health is simple.. don’t die to figure it out

Idala Ogufere

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