I never saw myself as someone who’d pioneer something, or anything at all! I didn’t think, I had the patience to do it. But as I become more self-aware and conscious of my identity and my calling in the agenda, I took my new status seriously. (THIS AGENDA, has to be a separate story by itself, I’ll definitely write on this). So for the purpose of proper understanding, I’ll briefly talk about it.


Everyone was born at such a time like this, to fulfil a special purpose, this is so unique to every individual and like a beautiful tapestry, it’s the divine life woven into our natural experience. To explore this in its fullness, we need to dig into the books, just like our Master did on the face of the earth.

 ‘Here I am–it is written about me in the scroll– I have come to do your will, my God.’

Hebrews 10:7

This now makes the study of THE BOOK more meaningful, because, you are aware of the agenda and thus, finding yourself. With every reading, you’re coming close to unravelling the package that is, CHRIST IN YOU, THE HOPE OF GLORY!

Our Master prototype, JESUS, blazed trails and told us that greater works than these, we’ll do also. So you now know that there’s no hiding place for you, YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CHOICE BUT TO PIONEER & SHINE. WHO REALLY IS A PIONEER?

….a person who is among the first to explore


If you’re like me, who has never been to this life before, never known what it is to be Idala (insert your own name and age) if you’re just experiencing everything you are experiencing for the first time. Marriage, Family, Motherhood, Parenting, Ministry, etc all fresh, then you’re a pioneer.

One thing, I noticed especially in 2019, is that I did not give myself enough credit for the things God put in my hands, I kept looking over at others lands and not appreciating mine. As I became more self-aware of my role in the agenda, I dusted off my book, where I found what is written of me and got to work on my field.

It might take a while, but it’ll certainly bloom if you keep at it. You are very important to this agenda. You are a PIONEER, never see yourself as anything less than who our PROTOTYPE has made us! WE ARE MADE IN HIS IMAGE & LIKENESS! That’s where we get our identity from.

How do you feel now knowing you’re a pioneer? Or do you still think, this is just a beautifully concocted message please, how does this relate to me? I don’t even know my purpose in life, I’ll recommend this book (The Purpose-Driven Life; By Rick Warren), read this month. before you read any book, (here’s a tip, my husband taught me recently, pray to know what the mind of the author was while he wrote the book).

That tip up there revolutionized my reading this year guys!!!! I’m just few pages into my book for the month and I’ve gotten deep revelations and encounters already. So this is real!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you…

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