Hi Dearest Pioneer!


Wondering why I’m calling you this, then you should quickly click here to see. Let’s get to the gist of the day Fam! I have been evolving fast and I’m very excited to see how far I’ve come from a shy and timid girl… If you knew me as a teenager, you’d be surprised at how I’m able to do all of these social media stuff.

I’d run away from anything that puts me in the spotlight and would be super anxious when called to speak to a crowd, either large or small audience, my heart would race and would cower. If you’ve been here, or are still here, this series will liberate you. You’ll learn something from my experience, that’ll change the game for you.


My childhood is fraught with a mix of everything…we “faith-ed” things all the way (I mean who didn’t? Asides those born with silver spoon). School fees, outings (that one was not even feasible, my dad shielded us a lot), I love him, it was what he knew to do. Life was all about academics and nothing more.

I recall a time in primary school, I wanted to join the karate team so bad, I came home excited to share the news with my dad, but met with a huge NO! Oh, how heartbroken I was. As I grew older, I had interests in lawn tennis too, I just felt the athletic life calling me, but THE NOs had it.

Surely, one thing I’m grateful for is education. My parents put in the sweat to put my 2 siblings and me into the best schools they could afford and shield us from every lurking stranger. We lived with shoulders high, even in our face-me-I-face you apartments…hmmm such humble beginnings! These experiences definitely shaped my thought process.


Although I couldn’t go to class/school parties, we were allowed to play with our neighbours outside the compound, the “suwe”, tyre rolling and other fun activities were highlights of my growing life, but that was about it. Except on a few occasions, my mum would take us to her friend’s house who lived in a duplex, to spend some days during the holidays.

Excitedly, we looked forward to having a bed to ourselves at Aunty’s house, that was about the only exposure, this local girl got, but super grateful for the lessons learnt too. It’s a huge part of my growth process, played a huge role in forming my personality.

See, your background plays a huge role in setting how you think and behave in this adult life, so you need a lot of unlearning to navigate out of the bad terrain into the right frame of mind to take up your PIONEER status.

Next blog post, we’ll chat more on navigating into becoming and owning your pioneer status, one step at a time, one decision at a time. Beauty, flaws and all… Do share with us what you learnt from today’s post


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