Ever known anyone who led something new and wasn’t doubting at first? Then get their contact! Well don’t! because they don’t exist. Having doubts is totally human, but letting it stay without kicking it out completely will breed fear!!!



Fear, on the other hand, is a crippling feeling that isn’t even real. I remember being super fearful, my heart would skip a beat or two when I had to address a crowd, which was caused by my insecurities and perfectionism.

So what type of fear is crippling you? It’s all a facade, this is what I did and it wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it. As simple as this sounds, it kills anxiety and fear. Meditating on this scripture cured and still curing any trace when the ugly head of doubt creeps up


1 JOHN 4:18

As a pioneer, these are things that will stare you in the face, but you have to stand up to it every time, simply by meditating on how great THE FATHER’S LOVE IS! I realized it’s a slap on the beautiful work HE did for us on the cross,when we are fearful.

I read in a book that when you’re afraid, you’re simply telling HIM, that you don’t trust HIS LOVE for you and you feel your power can get you through it!

S U R R E N D E R ! ! !

For someone with perfectionistic tendencies like me, surrendering was a big deal. You know you want to see the whole floor plan, broken down step by step to the very end, but that’s not how God works. HE shows you what you need to do in prayer and tells you to take that leap of faith!

Although you think you see a mirage from afar, as you get closer, you’ll notice, it was nothing all along. So what project do you feel you’re pioneering, DON’T FORGET TO TAKE THAT BACK FLIPPING SHOT TODAY TO HIT YOUR GOAL!!!

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