Hi guys!

We’ll take a break from the Pioneer series today and talk about things our beloved spouses or family members do to us that gets us very emotional and sulking like babies…This one I’m about to share happens almost everytime and I can’t even cry again!

So my hubby and I share an android charger, you know how chargers disappear and there’s just that one that’s original that you both have to use? The women in the house in this situation, know this…

How did I know I’m not the only one in this bewilderment? (hahhaa I just like the sound of that grammar, it’s not that serious ooo).

Anyways, this bewilderment is apparently shared by my sister Minister Funmi, as she shared that her hubby uses the charger but somehow the sleep doesn’t allow them charge our own phones…All we ask is that they should help na…

That’s how I couldn’t pray with my women this morning because my alarm phone wasn’t charged at all ooo and hubby’s was 100%. I know it’s not good to make excuses, but don’t judge me until you’ve been tested in this situation.. It is painful.

What shall be used to appease the gods now?

I love my baby, but please charge my phone, it’s just beside you… With plenty love, Your Wife

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