Wealthy Weekend!!!!!

Here is how my weekend started, Friday was a meeting with a new private client, I’m beyond awed at how God has surprised me in January, just by being obedient. This year has been tagged as THE YEAR for God to act!!! And we rest in HIS PRESENCE taking instructions to scale up.

Then came Saturday, The Day for FINANCE CONVENTION and my first son had been on my case to attend, Valour has this beautiful obsession about the pulpit and looking forward to seeing My Pastor preach is his delight. I’m happy he got to fulfil that.

So many things were spilt at the convention, I’d summarize here, First, is that We are a Strong nation!!! Are you still thinking you are the least in your family, or you’ve made the worst mistakes ever? This is God’s promise to you! It really is as simple as receiving it HOOK-LINE & SINKER!!!

A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a STRONG NATION, I the Lord will hasten it in HIS time.

Isaiah 60:22

Another truth is that PROSPERITY is the ability given to us by God. A man doesn’t have the capacity to give the wealth, that can command influence! ONLY GOD CAN, GIVE the POWER TO GET WEALTH!!! This means there’s a limit to what man can do for us right? This reminds me of the boast Abraham made here:

That I will accept nothing belonging to you, not even a thread or the strap of a sandal, that you will NEVER BE ABLE TO SAY, ‘I MADE ABRAM RICH.’

Genesis 14:23

Such audacity!!! This confidence can only come from knowing the God you serve!!! GOSH!!!! I remember quoting this same scripture to my husband when we got married and it felt like the whole world was against us, with help from nowhere except looking solely to God, we made our boast that when our level changes, no man would be able to lay claim that they ever helped the NicAla Dynasty!

N.B. The NicAla Dynasty is an empire founded by God and run by Nicholas & Idala…. Coined by me, because sometimes I’m extra sometimes.

To get more on the FINANCE CONVENTION, Click HERE to download for free and other messages that’ll transform your life completely as it has mine.

Finally, the week ended with the last series on LOOK & LIVE, where My Pastor Dami Adeniyi, got us on a mind-shifting session. My highpoint was that with Fasting, you see faster…I LOVE IT!!! I made a post about it on my instagram page, HERE and a silent admirer called and said she just saw it and told her husband about it and he wrote it down… the prayers he gave before the call ended was entirely heartwarming. I’m grateful my life is blessing someone else tremendously…ALL GLORY TO GOD.

Then came Eirene, at about 1pm and it was indeed the icing on the cake for the week…I loved every bit of the twin networking, it was beautiful, then the prayers/exhortation by Minister Funmi was super lit and the food? You all need to be at the next Eirene sisterhood meeting. Check here for updates

Can’t wait to continue our Pioneer Series on Thursday, until then, keep bein UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU & OWN YOUR JOURNEY!

In YOUR LIGHT, many will see light…

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