Hi Fam! I hope you’ve been smashing your goals on every level? I’m sure you have and even if you think you haven’t, this post is for you!

I’m sure you’ve heard me say a couple of times how shy I used to be and how I limited my abilities because I didn’t feel qualified enough to live life courageously and take what rightfully belongs to me and own my journey. JUST BECAUSE OF FEAR!

Many ladies are in that situation where they feel trapped by their decisions (past and present, and even fearful for the future). But fear has not only crippled them but made them feel less of who they really are. That’s the main purpose of fear, to make you settle. PLEASE DO NOT!!!

There’s something that was said at the Finance Convention, I made a post about it here. Pastor Ayo said you’ve been overthinking things too much, those accomplishing great feats, most times do not have half the I.Q. of most of us (addressing the church), The church has been loaded with lots of knowledge, but no action.

That felt like a blow, because, I’ve taken online courses and done all I think I need to do (still doing), but now, I simply need to now act. This is the MOVE I need you to make to cripple that fear of inactivity and what ifs. JUST MOVE! Especially when you sense that release in your spirit.

You definitely will not feel like it, but in the future, you’ll be glad you took that step.It feels easy to quit, but it’ll only make you feel worse for not pushing through it…I’m hoping you work on that dream you’ve always wanted, no matter how you bad you think it’ll turn out, JUST DO IT


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