Hi Fam! I hope you’ve been smashing your goals on every level? I’m sure you have and even if you think you haven’t, this post is for you! I’m sure you’ve heard me say a couple of times how shy I used to be and how I limited my abilities because I didn’t feel qualified […]

Wealthy Weekend!!!!!

Here is how my weekend started, Friday was a meeting with a new private client, I’m beyond awed at how God has surprised me in January, just by being obedient. This year has been tagged as THE YEAR for God to act!!! And we rest in HIS PRESENCE taking instructions to scale up. Then came […]


Hi guys! We’ll take a break from the Pioneer series today and talk about things our beloved spouses or family members do to us that gets us very emotional and sulking like babies…This one I’m about to share happens almost everytime and I can’t even cry again! So my hubby and I share an android […]


VICTORY OVER DOUBT, FEAR & ANXIETY Ever known anyone who led something new and wasn’t doubting at first? Then get their contact! Well don’t! because they don’t exist. Having doubts is totally human, but letting it stay without kicking it out completely will breed fear!!! FEAR: FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REALUnknown Fear, on the other hand, […]


Hi Dearest Pioneer! THE EVOLUTION Wondering why I’m calling you this, then you should quickly click here to see. Let’s get to the gist of the day Fam! I have been evolving fast and I’m very excited to see how far I’ve come from a shy and timid girl… If you knew me as a […]


I never saw myself as someone who’d pioneer something, or anything at all! I didn’t think, I had the patience to do it. But as I become more self-aware and conscious of my identity and my calling in the agenda, I took my new status seriously. (THIS AGENDA, has to be a separate story by […]

BACK TO EDEN… Age Defiers

Hi Buddy! I hope you don’t feel some “type of” way hearing the word buddy, it makes me feel like you’re close to me hearing my gist. I never knew how much I missed writing until I actually resumed, it’s so therapeutic…gosh!!! Everyone should write! I’m never going to stop penning down my thoughts, you […]


2019 How 2019 started with the desire to write a book and document my story, I tried doing it to the best of my ability and then engaging an editor thereafter, the process seemed chaotic, confusing and beyond my control, but I kept at it…. I knew something inside me was shifting, but couldn’t lay […]

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