I’m a Holistic Fitness Coach, with The FlexiMum Coach Company where we help young women and mums,reduce stress,sleep better and control weight…
Much more than my job, I love to groom women to be intentional about the health of their Spirit, Soul and Body.

My multiple expressions include convening THE faith-based fitness event FIT FIRE FIESTA, where our mandate is to raise an army for FIT for purpose;

Also KICKOUT ECLAMPSIA INITIATIVE, an NGO I registered to throw more light on the deadly pregnancy-induced hypertension condition that has claimed lives of new moms. I’m a survivor and I want to help moms stay alive with better information on the condition. It’s one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in developing economies. This breaks my heart that not much is being done. So i’ll be sharing alot here and my personal experience with it.

There’s so much I want to share, Here’s hoping you keep tab on juicy updates and I’ll be seeing you regularly in your email too. So don’t forget to subscribe when the pop up button shows up…

Happy reading!!!

A fun thing about me is that I RECENTLY LOVE TO INTRODUCE MYSELF AS A MOM TO 4 BOYS JUST TO SEE THE LOOK ON THEIR FACES… Especially young men who were trying to scope fine babe… it spoils their parole…lol

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